5 Fears I Had to Overcome to Be Successful at Making Money Online

(Up Close & Personal Post): The specific fear’s I had to overcome in order to be a successful internet marketer.

Maybe you still have one or more of these fears holding you back?

If you don’t identify your fear’s and turn them into problems that have solutions that are easy to execute on, you will forever remain stuck.

Here’s how this progress-process works:

1. Ask the Question

2. Identify the Fear

3. Turn into a Problem

4. Come up with Solution

5. Experience Progress If you repeat that process above enough times, you will grow 100x faster and reach what you are trying to reach.

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[00:00:00] What I want to talk to you about today is fears that we have as internet marketers or online entrepreneurs or coaches or consultants and what those fears are and what the genesis or origins of those fears are, so that you can basically get rid of those fears and you can follow through and take action.

So cool. Let’s dive right into it. So the first major fear that I’ve had to personally overcome and I’m sure you’ve had this fear as well if you’re a successful internet marketer is fear of advertising, the fear of putting your face on social media and saying stuff and talking out at people, to strangers basically, right? So the fear of advertising — I think there’s a couple of different reasons why people are afraid of advertising. I’m going to tell you what I was afraid of and how I overcame some of these fears. Maybe you can relate to it. Maybe you can’t.

[00:00:48] So one of the first fears when it came to advertising that I was really afraid of was basically fear of like my product or service that I was advertising in the first place, like fear of it not being good enough to get people results. OK, so I’ve been a successful list builder for a long time. I’ve been very successful in internet marketing and make money online niche, niches. Niche or niches.

There’s a lot of sub-niches for a very long time. I have a very successful coaching program as well. However, one of the problems with certain niches that you pick and one thing I had to deal with — So my fear was basically like fear of if I became too successful as a result of advertising on social media, Facebook. One of my initial fears was I would have too many students and I would be too overwhelmed and I’d have too much responsibility and I would feel like I’d be too liable.

So I kind of like stay in my comfort zone and only allowed myself to really get like a set number of students from my coaching program because I wanted to give them that same individual, one on one attention, so I could feel like they have the best possible chance of getting the most value and actually succeeding. So, to summarize my first fear, my first fear of advertising was if I advertise and I become too successful, I’ll have too many students and I might not be able to help them all become successful, which is a dumb stupid freaking fear because all you literally have to do is turn one on one coaching into a group coaching or video course.

Video courses basically. And as long as your niche can support all of the new people that are basically going 02:28 there’s enough people to service, enough customers to go after then you’re completely fine.

[00:02:34] So I basically — that’s how I overcame that fear. And the fear was a result of basically — the origin of that fear was based on just a totally false belief that was just stupid and illogical. My second major fear, maybe you can relate to this one better, is I if I advertise and I become too successful maybe I’ll get sued by the government or like an angry customer or something and lose everything I have. And this fear was just based on total bullshit as well like.

This fear was basically based off of like watching other companies get sued and shut down by like United States government. And the reason why this happened in the first place is so simple. These other companies out there that got sued and shut down and basically had their assets frozen and there’s like their entire successful business deleted it’s so simple.

Rather than putting their customer as their number one priority and making customer happiness their number one priority, they literally were only really concerned with using marketing and selling tactics to siphon cash out of people’s bank accounts. And the business models that get shut down by the government and people get so often sued by, the business model is where they go out there, they market and the business gets customers and then the only way that customers can make money is to refer the company new customers.

So it does kind of feel and have that feeling like of a Ponzi scam. It’s kind of like a multi-level marketing thing. So I know some of these companies, they had really hardcore sales teams and their job were to like take the leads that their existing customer base was sending them and the company’s job was to take those new leads that the customer base was sending them and turn those new leads into new customers. And those new customers, their job was to send the company more leads that they could turn into new customers. And the company’s job was to maximize the value of every lead, as to extract as much cash as they could out of every lead to make their existing customer base and themselves the most amount of money they could. But what happens in this model is like 99% of the customers involved to pay that company money don’t make any money because they’re not skilled enough to send that company leads and quite often a lot of people don’t even have the money to pay.

So a lot of their customers went deep into debt, never saw any success and that’s why, and justly so — a a company like that, they realize like 99% of their customers are not making money because 99% of the customers don’t know how to refer new customers or new leads to become customers, just the whole thing. Those types of companies get shut down.

[00:05:08] I have never had a company like that. I’ve never wanted to start a company like that and their whole job was to just siphon cash out of people’s bank accounts and that’s why they got shut down.

So one of my major blocks and fears of advertising is like, hey man, if I become way too successful as a result of advertising all over to the masses, I don’t want to get shut down and lose all my success. And again, it was based on total bullshit because the reason I have over 200 success stories out of the 350 coaching students I have is literally because I put my customer happiness first. I really, really do. And like I really do everything in my power to help that person in any way I can.

I’ll bend over backwards basically to just really help my client base because I care about the positive reviews I care about my own reputation. I don’t want to be a fly by night, flash in the pan bullshit like scare me ass thing. I want to help my customers make money and that’s where they’ll go. Justin what do you actually do? Sure, well I help people start successful affiliate marketing and email ad businesses, email ad, solo ads all kind of the same thing.

I teach people a small variance and aspects of consulting as well, how to charge for information on a kind of a smaller leve, how to help affiliate marketers, how to help other people who are looking to buy traffic, buy traffic and get sales from that traffic. I’ve done a really good job doing that myself and helping other people do that, it’s what I’ve done.

[00:06:26] So my third major fear, myself as an internet marketer, as an entrepreneur that I really had to deal with and overcome. let me just grab it real quick, I’ve written down right here.

[00:06:41] Yeah. So this one is obvious. A lot of people have this fear, is like fear of actually losing money on ads, right? Like losing money in advertising. I know like I’ve spent a lot of money on Google AdWords and Bing PPC. I’ve spent a lot of money on solo ads and I’ve spent a lot of money on Facebook ads.

If you add all the money I’ve spent on advertising it’s somewhere in the six figure mark. I don’t know, it’s probably between $150,000 to $250,000. Actually probably a lot more than that. I actually have to pull up my tax returns to see how much I’ve spent on advertising. I still pay for advertising every single week.

The amount I pay for advertising fluctuates and depends on like a couple of variables, but quite honestly how well the advertising is doing and the seasons of life, the business. I probably spent more than a quarter million on advertising. Again I have to verify that my taxes. I think that’s true. So I’ve grossed over two million dollars in actual sales as well. So one of my other fears of advertising is just really stupid is like if I actually advertise maybe I will lose money and I go backwards and even though I have savings and I have cash flow, it’s totally irrational to think like: Huh, that’s so ridiculous, why would I worry about going backwards when it takes money to make money, you know?

[00:07:54] But again this is one of the fears I had to overcome as an internet marketer to become successful and once I overcame this fear, I realized that the solution was to like maybe if I can just spend five to 10 dollars a day. OK.

It’s only like $150 to $300 dollars a month on ads and if I could just get one customer or one client out of that $150 to $300 per month investment and then like if I can get there and build my beliefs slowly my confidence slowly on this new advertising platform my chances of losing a lot of money quickly are low. They’re very low, very risk averse, very high potential because I could just potentially connect with people that give a good for different products services.

[00:08:34] I can make money from that. Cool. So what other fears that I have? Well so those were some of the key fears I had of advertising. Let me just look. I’ll dissect all this in pretty great detail.

[00:08:50] Cool nice.

[00:08:52] So if you’re an Internet marketer or online entrepreneur, I’m sure you can relate to some of this stuff.

[00:08:58] So let me just go over another one. People, fear of people, fear of strangers. This is a huge fear you have to overcome as an internet marketer, fear of strangers or just fear of people.

There’s only a couple of ways to make money if you’re an online business owner. Number one, like you either have to have ads that you’re paying for or that you worked really hard to get like a search engine optimization like keyword rank. If you’re on page one for a Google like that means you probably — for a specific keyword that 9:27 probably means you put like years and years and years to getting that little ad. Like an ACL page it’s basically an ad and it’s not free because you spend tons of time building back links to get that ad.

Or you can just ad advertise with Google AdWords right? Or you can advertise with Facebook or advertise with YouTube’s ad advertising platform, advertise with Instagram’s advertising platform that’s connected to Facebook. So there’s that one way you can pay for ads. You can also do joint ventures with people that already have an audience. That’s another cool option or you can like get referrals if you happen to have existing customers basically where your referrals are just doing something called direct outreach for you and they’re like outreaching to people in referring them to you or their advertising and then referring them to you.

So there’s only a couple of ways you can do this or you just directly outreach to people. Okay. That’s like the only way you can really — the main ways you can make money being in an online business. If you own a Panera Bread or you own like a Tim Hortons or you own like a franchise or you just have a regular like mom and pop shop type business, you’re pretty much dependent upon foot traffic, like people driving by or walking by your place and seeing your place and going: Oh that’s an Ace Hardware store I know where it’s located.

Next time I need to buy some tools, I’ll go there. Their success is largely based on foot traffic. I mean they can advertise online, they can get Google search rankings, they can get Google reviews like Yelp reviews and Google reviews and stuff like that, so people know where they are so that you know someone can sell them to us.

[00:10:56] But I mean today an Amazon age, all these other type of businesses are under a lot of pressure in the Amazon age for sure.

[00:11:04] But the reason I got on this tangent is like you cannot be afraid to talk to people that was really was going on. You can’t be afraid to advertise your face. You can’t be afraid to directly talk to people. If you’re afraid of people you’re not at all going to be a successful online business person.

[00:11:17] Ok? Legal aspects, I kind of cover that by one of my fears. Health, you know, health concerns related to online entrepreneurship. Depending on who you are and how much pressure you put on yourself to succeed, your health can be a major factor in that.

[00:11:32] Your ability to sit at a computer and work eight to twelve hours a day that’s huge. Are your eyes going to go crazy? Is your back or shoulde going to give you pain? There’s stuff like that. I mean, that is something to consider like health. So you don’t want to like be hunched over and staring at a computer eight to twelve hours a day six days a week for like 15 to 20 years.

[00:11:54] I mean, your back is going to be shot, your eyes are going to be shot. So that’s important. And that kind of goes hand-in-hand with time like how much time is it gonna take for me to get to a level where I can be making enough money to like bring in a full time staff? A talent to bring into my company so it’s like their eyeballs and like their back, their spine sitting at the computer and helping me grow my company instead of me against a lone wolf like 12:22 breaking my body day after day until I get to that level.

[00:12:26] And then if you’re in your 20s or 30s you’re fine, but if you’re starting to get up there like you’re in your 40s and 50s it’s not easy to have the same horsepower as when you’re in your 20s. Everybody knows that. When you’re in your 20s and 30s your body is fresh and if you’re at that age you have a definite advantage over people. Some people like take excellent care of themselves and they still do have really good mental cognition and processing and a lot of natural energy in their 40s, 50s, 60s. You can have that, if you do you’re above average and you’re an outlier for sure.

[00:12:56] So yeah. So fear of wasting time, fear of losing your health. So you got to overcome the fear of wasting time, overcome the fear of losing your health by working smart, working strategically and when you make a ton of money save as much of it as you can. If you’re United States, if you’re in any of these really well developed countries in a high tax bracket it’s important to consider tax deferral options.

It’s important to consider living below your means. It’s important to consider driving like I don’t know, driving like a Nissan or Hyundai or a Toyota maybe instead of driving the Mercedes or a BMW. I mean, cars are money pits obviously.

Cars are useful but boats are real money pits. So until you’re making an overwhelming amount of money you should stay away from a lot of the physical items that are going to put you backwards because after you pay your taxes, after you pay your toys, you might not have a lot of money left and I’m speaking from experience, as a guy who’s netted a lot of money. Out of the two million dollars plus I’ve made as an Internet marketer since starting seven years ago. I’ve netted a lot of that money.

Like a lot of that 2 million was profit, well over half of that was profit and then obviously I used — I got hooked up with — linked up with my accountant to take tax write offs to minimize my tax liability legally, like you should do is a smart business owner.

[00:14:17] But I still have paid a ton of money in tax, a ton of money in tax. And once you pay all of those taxes and then you’re paying for all your toys and stuff. When I say toys I mean things I have done. I’ve had the nice cars, I’ve had the ridiculously nice apartments, the houses, trips, I’ve traveled all over the world, every almost — there’s only like two continents I haven’t been on. I haven’t been to Africa yet or Australia which yeah but I’ve been everywhere else. This video is getting a little bit long but I hope this video provides some clarity to people. If you want to book a free strategy session with me to figure out how I can help you find — identify the Genesis or the origin of what’s holding you back your limiting beliefs or basically fears that you have as an internet marketer. I guarantee you that you’re dealing with some of these fears that I’ve put out there. The fear of being all this crap, fear of legal crap, fear of like too successful fear of like not having a good enough product to advertise, fear of not believing in yourself or your product, your service.

And those problems,those fears are really just problems that have solutions. And when you realize that you have that — when you realize what your fears are that are holding you back and you turn that fear into a problem and then you turn that problem into a solution and then you execute that solution you no longer are like held back at all. It’s kind of like breaking the barriers, your mental barriers that are prohibiting you from moving forward and being a successful Internet marketer or only business coach or entrepreneru.

So if you would like to have a free strategy session reach out to me directly on Facebook. Shoot a message in my inbox. In the future I’ll direct you to an actual link, but for now just you know hit me up there and yeah I’ll be happy to. 100% free, a strategy session with you and then I might offer you some additional training at the end of the call. You don’t have to take it. Obviously I am not a high pressure sales guy or anything like that.

[00:16:18] My goal is to help you by actually helping you and not just try to sell you something. But if you if you do want extra help, like committing to finding a niche as a coach or a consultant, like picking your niche and committing to a niche and getting clients by doing advertising, paid advertising, free advertising, like organic advertising, direct outreach, what to say, who to say it to, how to attract the correct type of clients to grow a business. I’m a multimillionaire success story myself when it comes to coaching, when it comes to a lot of different niches.

I’ve actually been in six niches now that I’ve been successful in. So that’s my elevator pitch. You hopefully got a lot of value on this video. Check out my other videos that I have to offer. I’m sure that you’ll learn some cool stuff and there’s a lot to take away from them. Thanks. This has been Justin Spencer from justinspencer.com helping you pick a niche and commit to a niche and become a far more successful 6, 7, 8 or even 9 figure coach or consultant or online entrepreneur. Thanks. Have a good day. Bye-bye!

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