How Millionaire Marketers Think Vs. How You Probl’y Think

How do millionaire marketers think?

They are also not nearly as focused on “quick wins” (for themselves) or tactics, or gimmicks.

Well they ask totally different questions, I can assure you of that.

Most make money online seekers are going for the quick hit, the product launch, the hot ecom product, etc.

This can work, but it will leave you constantly scrapping to find a new hot product, or to launch another very-sub-par product that doesn’t really help anyone.

This is not the way to $100k – $1M+ per year as an internet marketer, coach or consultant.

This video teaches you the correct way to think to reach way higher levels than you could with 0-no figure thinking.


Hey guys, what’s going on? This is Justin Spencer and today I want to share with you how a six and seven figure per year online entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants think based on what types of questions they ask themselves versus what other questions other people think and how they phrase those questions, if they’re not yet making six or seven figures.

So let me say it again because it sounded kind of weird. So I want to teach you today the difference between how someone thinks when they make six or seven figures per year as an Internet marketer or a consultant versus somebody who is not there yet. Someone who is making very little money or none at all or is jumping from thing to thing and can’t seem to commit to one thing in order to make some money from it. So here’s the differences. So the person who is trying to get to six or seven figures a year is asking himself or herself different questions.

He’s asking himself: OK, I want to do a product launch because that’s fast money. And how do I get affiliate partners to do that? That’s the type of question they’re probably asking.

I know back when I — seven or eight years ago, that was the question I asked myself. Oh my God, I got to do product launches, everyone’s doing product launches. So I was thinking to myself, how do I how do I get these affiliates onboard to promote my product launch and 01:18 And I thought to myself: Oh, I just got to bribe them.

You know, I just basically pay these people wanting to promote my product and then they’ll promote my product and then I’ll make all this money and be successful. I found out that wasn’t necessarily true. What was true is people don’t promote your product and unless your product is really good. And it’s only really good if it solves a lot of people’s problems and you’ve got testimonials and case studies and stuff like that to back it up. Also the niche has to be a good fit for your joint venture partners as well.

So one example. What is that as a whole?

That is short term thinking, that’s like get rich quick or gimmick type thinking, like I want to make money really fast type thinking — that’s the core problem with someone who stays broke as an Internet marketer or like a person who seeks a path to success with online business as a whole. Ok? The difference between that type of mindset, wanting to do product launches and wanting to just get rich as quickly as you can. The difference between that type of mindset is the type of questions the person asks.

So the type of searches someone will do on Google when they’re not making any money are like: how do we make — what’s the fastest way to $200 per day?

I mean, if you go on YouTube the most popular videos on YouTube are not the ones that are the most actually helpful. tTe most popular videos on YouTube, they get like one hundred thousand views they get like —  I’m talking about for our tiny niche of Internet marketing, I’m not talking about like entertainment.

Those videos that get like 500,000 or a million views that are supposed to show you like how to do affiliate marketing or how to make money from e-commerce like super fast. Those get the most views because everybody wants tactics, everybody just wants secrets or strategies or like very quick punchy things you can do to like get started making money like right now.

Yeah, you know I mean? And the thing with that — you know, even though those are the most popular, those videos are the least helpful. The most helpful things are basically like videos, obviously, that are the opposite, videos that get very little views and they’re teaching you like fundamental stuff that you might think is boring. Like here’s how a six or seven figure online entrepreneur thinks.

They’re really concerned with other things, right? They’re really concerned with like identifying a problem that they have personally faced and solved and then seeing if like other people might have that problem.

Maybe they can turn that into like a consulting niche or a coaching niche or something like that. Or maybe they’re examining their background and their skill sets of what they’ve done where they’ve been in life to figure out like: OK, like six or seven figure out entrepreneurs are like looking at problems they’ve had to go through in life but they’re also like interviewing the market, they’re interviewing like other groups of people that see problems they have, business owners.

Business owners who are mainstream businesses like mom and pop type shops. They’re always looking for more foot traffic and then, in order do that, they have to get like a better presence on the World Wide Web.

Why did I just say that? The Internet. So you can help them get set up with google reviews and local SEO rankings and stuff like that and Yelp reviews and that type of thing, help them rank better for local keywords and for those local businesses. Or help them get it set up by Groupon or something like that. Then offer them those services to help them.

So I’m kind of going on a tangent, going all over the place. But my point is, with that example, the whole process and the whole kind of point I’m trying to get to here is six and seven figure entrepreneurs they’re thinking about problems other people are having or problems they’re having.

So a problem like a small business owner would have is the one I just gave you:  maybe they want to make more money. It’s not really their problem, it’s more of a desire but maybe they’re about to go under and they need to make more sales or they will lose their business, which is their thing that they do not want to lose the most.

And that’s a huge problem you can solve for somebody else by bringing like digital marketing skills to the table. That was an example of that, ok? So yeah, that’s why I keep reverting back to that.

So six and seven figure consumers are looking for problems. They’re not looking for gimmicks. They’re not looking for ideas.

They’re not looking for a quick punchy tactics that are — like they’re looking for product launches, they’re not trying to build some crappy product that has absolutely no value to the the end user, 99.9% of time. And don’t get me wrong, these things work for like one out of 200 people who try them, but they only work for like a little bit of time. These Internet make money from marketing mini-product launches, they’re only making people money who are selling the product.

The people who buy the product, I don’t know, they’re just stowed on the shelf like a DVD or a Blu ray. Some people take action, some don’t, but that’s just my two cents on it. And that’s just my experience as well. I mean, how good can you honestly make a product in these types of product launches that I see if it’s so inexpensive? Like it can’t be that good.

Like my products are really expensive. One of my most successful products costs $5,800 and I’ve got hundreds of people to join that and over 50% of my students — true story and I can back this up — get really good results.

In fact, even this morning and last night I was compiling more data of students who are kicking butt with my coaching program, doing list building, building an email list, selling advertising services to people who want lead generation services for whatever it is they’re promoting: their business education course, their software, their plug in, their widget, their whatever. It’s an alternative. It’s a cool alternative to SEO and the other PPC forms, it’s a type of PPC.

So six and seven figure entrepreneurs. I am one, I’ve made multi seven figures myself. I’ve created — I want to stay over at least a minimum of a dozen six figure success stories. I literally have to double check that. I think it’s more, I think it’s a lot more. I just had one guy who made a quarter a million in the first six months of joining my coaching program happened recently. So that’s pretty sweet as well.

But let me get back to you, let me just show you my notes. I’m just going to look at my notes. This is what I wrote about myself in terms of like my experiences as a 27 year old and what actually I’m thinking about.

I’m not thinking about product launches, I’m not thinking about gimmicks. I’m thinking about problems, but I’m not just thinking about problems I’m having or other people are having that I could turn into a niche or a solution or an idea. Not an idea, but a solution that will benefit thousands of people.

How can I charge a thousand dollars ahead to several thousand people and make millions and make their lives way better and make the planet better?Those are the types of questions I’m asking myself.

And those give me totally new answers and they totally changed when I’m focusing on. So this is so basic but — someone like me, who’s traveled all over the world and who has a newfound appreciation for the basics. You will too, I think, when I put it in this perspective for you. So environment. Your environment is crucial.

If you’re living with people other than your immediate family who are making less money than you, you’re wrong to do that if you want to be an online entrepreneur. You do not want to be around anybody who’s making less money than you at all unless they are immediate family, like your kids, your girlfriend or boyfriend.

If you have roommates and they’re making less money than you and you want to make more money, you don’t want to be around anybody who’s not on the same page. You don’t want to be around anybody else in your housing situation who is not hungry like you or can’t level you up in life. That’s just one tip about environment.

The other thing about environment — if you want to be a six or seven figure entrepreneur you need a dedicated office where you can close the door and you need to be able to control the noise, the volume, the temperature and you need to be able to control the lighting and you need to be able to control like you know at least those three things.

If you have no control over the noise, if you have no control over the temperature because of your housing situation or because you’re sharing your house with other people or something like that, that’s a huge mistake.

I’m speaking from experience because I’ve bought and sold real estate and had tenants and stuff like this and I invited entrepreneurs to come and live with me and stuff like that before and they paid me a lot of money to live with me and I don’t regret that. They’re friends today and they’re amazing people, but one thing I did realize is I’ve made more money, way more money than everyone else I was living with and I think subconsciously that played an effect on me.

I was like, no, I shouldn’t have done it.

I just thought of something, a new content, piece of idea. They get to talk about — I want to talk about the subconscious mind in my next video.

So the environment is extremely important. And another thing is like if don’t have control over your internet speed that’s another thing. So your your temperature, your noise control, being able to have your own space that’s nice and it’s clean and is organized. You should have Gigablast Internet or at least 100 megabits per second know if you’re going to be a six or seven figure entrepreneur.

These are things I am giving myself this crazy advantages, from an environmental point of view that other people don’t have. So they can’t compete with me. It’s just, it’s very simple.

Exercise is huge because if you don’t stay healthy by burning unnecessary fat that you’re getting from you know poor dieting choices. Exercise is huge — you’re gonna have a lot of clarity coming from exercise and it’s very important that you are very consistent with exercise: a little bit of cardio, a little bit of weights. This is stuff — I can go into more detail of this but I want to make the video longer than like 13 minutes, so I’m just gonna 10:37.

So routine, education and diet. So routine could be like the number one thing — if you don’t have the structure or routine and consistency to structure your day, you’re gonna be wasting a lot of time and you’re not gonna have any productivity. You need to structure, you need a routine, you need consistency — that that could be number one.

So I’m just gonna just drill through these quickly. Education. So whether you’re rereading like relentless or watching like a video course you might have purchased that’s suppose to educate you on how to be a better entrepreneur, you have to basically have the most — Look and surround yourself strategically with people who have the most influence on your decision making process, that’s huge. There’s just so much I want to tell you without going into like a million minute blog video.

Diet. So what you eat matters. What I do as a meal prep, so I go to the grocery store once a week and I buy like a bunch of salmon, a bunch of 90% lean ground beef and a bunch of chicken tender loins that have no antibiotic or crap like that, no GMO, all that nonsense. So I’m not a health expert, but I look to try and do my best in grocery stores to find like foods that are as organic as possible.

So I cook up a bunch of chicken and beef and fish, like once a week. I cook up some white rice, I just get some with some broccoli, hopefully organic, that’s pretty washed and I just put them all in containers. That way I have carbs, I have protein and I have vegetable servings ready to go in my refrigerator. I can just heat it up immediately. I don’t have to go anywhere, I can save time, I can save energy, I don’t think about where I want to eat.

I used to eat out all the time — this was a major problem me. I would spend like $1,000, $15,000 dollars a month on food, just eating out, having fun and now I’m like: Dude, I need to — so this is something that was on my mind.

Sleep. I know what it’s like now, after traveling all over the world to have a crazy body clock confrontation and like being in Asia and then Europe and then back in the Americas. So sleep, if you get eight hours of sleep.

You need a really good bed. What you sleep on and who you sleep with and what you’re hearing when you sleep, all these things are little variables that matter. Having blackout curtains, having a white noise maker, removing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices when you’re sleeping, having a mattress that doesn’t suck.

Investing in one of those purple mattresses or the 12:51 or something like that. I have 12:53 situation right now but I might change it with that purple stuff because it looks good, but I want to really, really study the reviews before I make that choice

Relationship. If your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your husband, your wife, your kids — your primary relationship affects everything you do as an entrepreneur. So if you — if that area of your life is wrong you are not going to succeed in business, so you’ve got to treat your primay relationship to that person like gold, regardless of what he or she does or says sometimes. You still got to treat them like gold, like no matter what. And then learn and grow as much as possible.

I mean, these are like extreme summarizations of this content. If you like this type of content, you can subscribe to my channel obviously and if you want more detail on these types of hacks as an online entrepreneur who wants to get to the six or seven figure level, then we can go over that. This is like really a short story because this really is gonna get way too long. I think I’m just gonna like literally end this right here.

I’ll summarize like — one more major thing. Production — like marketing is simply creating and sharing content that people are gonna relate with, resonate with and connect to in such a way where they’re like: Hey, this dude, I like how he thinks or I like how this girl thinks and I want to basically see what he is about, like what he does and what problems he solves for other people and maybe emulate him or model him or just maybe just learn and grow my mindset from being around this person. That’s what marketing is.

So you need to have, as I said earlier in this video, routine and structure basically, is what I’m finding as a 6 or 7 figure entrepreneur where you’re literally like — you know the content you’re creating everyday, you know where you’re sharing it and you’re paying for ads.

So even if you’re a brand new entrepreneur — they’re all: I don’t have money well. Go and get a job and you still have that money to pay for advertising boost, your fan page post, pay for some ads on the search engines, if you need to.

Do some joint ventures with people who think that you know what you’re talking about because you do, because you’ve solved the problem before maybe and you have a little bit expertise in something. But if not that’s a topic for a different day.

So I hope you saw the differences. This was like a self-examination of like looking at myself and mistakes I’ve made, mistakes other people who are trying to have an online business make. They go: I want to be a product launch or e-commerce guy and because I want the fast quick solution, I want to get affiliate partners and I want to make all this money in one day and just be pumped about it.

That mindset can work, but it’s not a good mindset to be in if you want to be a six or seven figure mindset. It didn’t necessarily work out best for me.

I’ve had a lot of failed product launches, like eight years ago when I was very first starting. I had no idea what I was doing and I kept making products and trying to get affiliate partners and I didn’t know anything that I knew now and I’ve had successful product launches before. But it’s not like something I would recommend.

That is something that like out and I’m talking about this product launching thing in the context of the whole internet marketing category or make money online type of thing from people who are inexperienced and just beginning.

You could be a Jeff Walker student and you could crush it on a product launch, that’s something different, I’m not talking about that. It means you already have an expertise, so you’re already thinking like a six and seven figure entrepreneur, apply to this. But I wanted to draw a line and compare these two things for you so that you can kind of see the drastic differences between how people will think, from not making any money to being a six or seven figure entrepreneur.

That’s really what I want to illustrate.

So I hope you got a ton of value out of this video. Subscribe to the channel if you love this or if you’re watching this on Facebook, like and comment if you like this. I’ll see you on the next video. Have a great day!

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