MADNESS: 80% Of People Never Escape This Trap!

Madness - and how to fix it
80% of people stay trapped here. 20% or less manage to get out.

MADNESS: This is the trap 80% of people will stay in their entire lives when it comes to personal and professional success in life and business.

And nothing will STOP you, if you are stuck in it.

EXCEPT FOR, a massive wake-up call and pattern interrupt.

I see people get caught in this wheel of insanity all the time.

Every human starts in it.

Only 20% (or less) escape it.

Allow me to explain how simple it is to get trapped, using the visual illustration in this post.

Season 1. Pain – You want to change or improve your life for the better, because you are human and it’s natural to want this. So you begin researching your options for increasing your income, using your existing knowledge and skills.

Season 2. Options – You spend time and money researching different types of lucrative online businesses you can start. Finally, you select an option and commit to it for a day, a week, a month, a year…and then…

Season 3. Instant Gratification – Because you are human, and crave instant gratification and making money as fast as possible, you give up on your 1st option you selected in the hopes of finding an easier and faster way to reach your original goal of increasing your income.

Season 4. Indecisiveness – Your yearning for instant satisfaction and immediate results begins to create a pattern in your mind of non-commitment to one thing and total indecisiveness in the face of unlimited options.

It’s true.

There are too many options…

There are too many gurus…

There are too many roads you can take…

There are too many talking heads offering you the next fancy, shiny, thing.

And now…

You are in EVEN More Pain than when you first started.

Maybe even in debt and worse off then you started?

Sound about right?

The solution is easy to understand.

1. Start a consulting business.

2. Watch my training that shows you how to pick a niche.

3. Decide on your niche.

4. Commit to your niche.

5. And only ever change that niche if you receive and overwhelming amount of concrete evidence from 50 to 100 people (and/or unique cases) that prove unequivocally,

That the niche (or market) you chose is not willing to pay lots and lots of cash for the kind of problem-solving help/service/product you are offering.

And if you follow Step 2 correctly,

Step 5 won’t exist, ever.

If you’d like the training, PM me on fb.

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