How to Create & Share HELPFUL Content Fast To Get Followers

What’s a logical way to create SOLID content fast that helps people?

1. Make a list of the problems you solved in your past as an entrepreneur for your niche, or expertise

2. Make a list of current problems you are still facing in your business or personal growth. Now, use those problems as “subject matters” to discuss.

If you’ve solved a simple or complex problem in the past, then do a video that targets that problem where you go over the solution.

Showing others how you solve problems whether big or small is a great way to create and share USEFUL content that gets you followers fast.

If you want to explore solutions to a problem you’re facing now but have not overcome, you can still shoot a video about that, just make sure to tell people, I’m in the “process” of solving this problem and here’s what I think is going to work.

When you do solve it, redo the video or create a follow up video tied too the first one approving or disapproving your theory about the solution, always be transparent with those types of situations so people know where your mind is at, and whether or not you’ve resolved the issue before or not yet.

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Hey, guys. What’s going on? This is Justin. Welcome to today’s video. Today I want to share with you how to make content. If you are an internet marketer or a coach or a consultant, then you know that you need to make content in order to succeed. Why? Because if you’re not producing and sharing content, what happens?

Nobody knows who you are, nobody knows what you do, nobody knows what you can do for them, most importantly. You have zero proof to back up claims that you can do anything for anyone.

If you produce content, that proves that you know what you’re talking about on your subject matter or your niche or your expertise. So today I’m going to share with you a simple strategy that I use to create and share content that gets views, that gets people to follow me on Facebook, on Instagram, on YouTube and stuff like that. 

I am not new to this. I’ve been doing this for years, so I have more practice doing it. Throughout the years, I have definitely switched up my style in the way I go about sharing and producing and sharing content.

So one of my favorite strategies for producing — you’re creating and sharing content, it’s very easy. I make a list of all of the problems that I’m currently facing in my business or past problems I have already solved before in my business. And then I use those as hooks basically and I use that as the core piece of my content.

Let me give you an example. If one of the problems I’m going through right now is how to I increase my energy levels so that I can be more productive in my business, so I can be more efficient, so I can get more stuff done.

So what I’ll do is I’ll actually do some research and figure out some ways in which I can solve my own problem, like, ok, get eight hours of sleep, have a better diet, maybe try intermediate fasting, maybe skip breakfast, maybe add some caffeine, maybe drink some extra water, maybe do a detox cleanse or something like that to increase your energy levels. There’s a lot of ways you can do it, right?

Or just maybe it’s a psychological side of energy increasing, which is staying motivated. How do you stay motivated? Basically, you focus on things that you don’t want to have happen and then you put yourself in a place of mental pain. And then, the effect of that is like, “Oh, man, if I don’t follow through and take massive action, my future is going to suck and I’m not ok with that.” Thus, I have an increase in motivation, right?

So what I do is I say: What is my biggest problem right now? What do I need more of? What do I want more of? I’m like: I want more energy or I want more productivity or I want more efficiency. Obviously, I want more income or I want more this in terms of my relationship with my body or whatnot. So one thing that I do is I say: what problems am I facing right now and what problems have I faced before in my past that are already fixed or solved or improved upon? And then I make a list of all of these problems and then I come to you and I share that.

So today’s content is literally like — the problem is: How do I come up with a strategy for effectively creating and sharing content? That’s today’s problem.

And the solution to that is to just look at other problems you’re literally facing in your life, business, relationship, body, spirituality, whatever niche that you happen to be as a coach, consulter, internet marketer or online business owner and then you use those problems that you’re currently going through, you research the solutions, if you have not currently figured those out or implemented the solutions to those things. However, giving good advice based off of what is common sense and what is based off of sound logic is good.

In a perfect world, the best thing to do is share content based off of problems you’ve already solved and then reveal what you did to solve that problem. If you’re struggling to get ads — I’m sorry, if you’re struggling to get clients with Facebook ads, what was the problem that you ran into or the specific piece of the process? Was it getting a converting funnel? Was it getting the click through rates right? Was it getting your cost per click? Your cost 04:10 down to the correct level so you could scale or actually justify spending what you were spending on Facebook.

For the content sharing process, isolate the specific problem you had, like whatever was you did to figure out what the solution was and then share that. That’s perfect content to share on your timeline, on your Instagram. When I say timeline, I mean Facebook. Upload to YouTube a video and if you have a blog you can post it over there. If you have an email list, you can send that out and then link to your blog or you can link it to one of your social media pieces as well.

So that basically covers it. I mean, when you have a problem you’ve solved before — and I’m sure if you’re an entrepreneur who has been in business for more than five minutes you can make a laundry list of hundreds of small problems or probably a half a dozen or a dozens of really big complex problems that you had to overcome in order to get results. Like you had a problem, you didn’t know how to drive traffic to your website? What did you do about that? Where did you put your ads?

Did you rank SEO advertisements by doing link building? What was the process for that? How much traffic did you get? What did you promote and how did that work? What other problems did you run into?

So you can even do like a five-part video series on solving one big complex problem that other people, thousands if not millions of people have not solved yet. Lots of people get value from watching you solve problems, especially people who want to get into entrepreneurship or becoming an online business consultant or coach or just internet marketer who’s promoting other people’s stuff, at a commission basis so they can make some extra income. It makes perfect sense to me, why wouldn’t you want to do that?

Cool. This was actually a really quick piece today. I’m going to stop right here because I feel like I already got my point across. A very simple strategy for creating and sharing content in order to get leads, followers, subscribers and eventual sales to grow your business, your brand and your company, very simple. Make a list of problems you’ve solved before and make a list of problems you’re facing now.

Aim to provide the solution to the problems you’ve already solved and if you have an extremely clear idea of how to solve the problem you’re facing right now, then why not share that? Disclose and be transparent, honest with the people. I’m in the process of facing and solving this problem, this is what I believe the solution is going to be and I’m going to implement it and if I was wrong, I’ll do a follow up of this video, but this is what I feel, how I feel about it.

But again, if you’re brand new, that’s what you do to your niche or whatnot. Alright, this has been Justin Spencer. I’ll see you in the next video. You rock my socks! See you later! Bye for now.

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