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Week 2 - Foundations

Module 1 - Preparing For Success Before You Even Begin

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Questions to ask yourself before moving on:

1) Do I have a fast and super reliable computer that will not slow me down?

2) Am I backing up my important business files such as documents and spreadsheets using Google Drive's free online tool?

3) Am I using Google Chrome to speed up my web browsing and web searches? Am I using Google's free Gmail email service to have the best email experience?

4) If I have slow internet, can I upgrade it immediately so I'm not slowed down?

5) Do I keep over 5 tabs open when I am working? Make sure to form a new habit of keeping 5 or less open so you do not get bombarded with distractions.

6) Can I type efficiently without needing to look down at the keyboard? If not, you will want to practice on this as much as you can, while you are going through the GRC course.

7) Music along with Caffeine simply helps self employed people get into the state or working, this is just a useful tip.

Week 2 has 5 video modules and a link to each module is below:
1 - Preparing For Success Before You Even Begin
2 - Building Your Funnels at Light-Speed
3 - Building Your Sales Page at Light-Speed
4 - Checklists For Success With List-Building, Arbitrage & High-Ticket
5 - How To Design An Effective Follow Up Sequence