Average Earnings Disclosure
for Affiliates of Justin Spencer's
Training Products

Last Updated: July 30th, 2017

There are currently 293 Total GRC Members as of designing this average earnings disclosure document.

Of these 293 GRC Members, 181 are registered for the optional affiliate program.

Of these 181 registered affiliates, 26 have generated affiliate commissions.

This means: 6.96% of the registered affiliates who chose to promote a course through the affiliate program have earned a commission.

Just over $68,000 in affiliate commissions have been generated & paid to affiliates in total during the of Periods: Apr 24 - 2017 through July 30th - 2017

*Which means out of the 26 qualifying (active) affiliates, the average earnings per affiliate is: $2,615.38.

*Which means out of the 181 registered (active & non-active) affiliates, the average earnings per affiliate is: $375.69.

*Which means out of the 293 total GRC members (active & non-active & non-registered), the average earnings per member: $232.08.

More information:

The highest paid affiliate active in GRC makes over $10,000 per month.

The lowest paid affiliate active in GRC makes $22.06 per month.

*Most of the people who use Justin Spencer's education/training products - make the majority of their income - by selling online advertising services (such as traffic and lead generation services) and consulting services (such as coaching/educational services and web page performance services) to other business owners - his affiliate program is 100% optional - and as seen above - not everyone, in fact, most, do not participate in it*

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