Average Earnings Disclosure
for Justin Spencer's
Clients, Students, Followers, Participants, Customers

Last Updated: July 26th, 2017

Justin Spencer's Main training/education product Get Results Coaching known as (GRC) has 293 members as of designing this general average earnings disclosure document.

*Of these 293 GRC Members, very conservatively speaking, over 60 people have sent written, visual or oral confirmation via a social media, email, skype, or phone channel expressing a very large increase in the sales, profits and revenue's of their digital marketing businesses.

*Justin Spencer estimates that his students & client's who've been trained by him directly have made in the multiple-millions in new revenues as a result of his advice & masterminding sessions with him.

*He bases this estimate on the claims of his students, and therefore, by adding up the average monthly income's of only a handful of his successful students, who have generated the best results in their digital marketing services businesses.

*Justin Spencer does not have direct access to any of his student's Merchant Processor accounts, or Tax Documents to ascertain the exact gains in revenue, sales, and profits of his customers. In other words, these income claims are based on good faith & spirit of his students.

*In summary, Justin Spencer estimates his invidual / business success stories the same way most people form conclusions. When he receives a testimony he recognizes that information to have an accurate or inaccurate basis, and after validating or invalidating it, he may or may not choose to use the information as fact in a marketing message. Justin does take logical steps to make sure that any claims his students or program participants make regarding their income, can be actually proved, and backed my irrefutable data, such as screenshots from their merchant processing accounts, or withdrawals to their bank accounts.

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