Hey, Justin here.

An argument could be made for a variety of different, yet related skills that would be the most important to develop or improve upon for 2019 and beyond.

The One Money Making SKILL you should work on may not necessarily be the same for each person.

I have always found that isolating your strengths and using those to create more income is the best way to begin.

For example, one thing that has always came sort-of easy for me is Writing.

I have since started this Blog in order to capitalize on a useful skill that doesn’t require to much effort, and can be fun for me.

For you, it could be something else.

It could be programming, speaking, networking, writing, building a product, marketing a product, or simply doing what you already do well.

Or perhaps, you are just in the learning phase, if that be the case, then simply focus on doing that well.

But if you have lived long enough to understand yourself, and understand what you do well naturally, then start there.

If you don’t know what you do well, stop for a moment and ponder it.

If nothing smacks you in the brain right-away give it more time.

Think Sports, Video Games, Hobbies, Passions, Fads you went through, maybe fashion?

This is not a bad place to start.

I personally believe “businesses” choose the person.

And it’s not the “person” who chooses the business.

Which-ever, niche you identify with (group of people who have certain interests), is likely already a part of who you are.

If you are a person who resonates with X — where X = a passion, hobby or interest, chances are you can spend time and energy producing and creating something in that area.

Whether it’s a course for training purposes, or entertainment, or a software or a game or something else.

There are a million and one ways to start and grow a highly successful business.

Yet, most don’t know how to think about choosing one.

Ask yourself:

How could I entertain people and enjoy myself at the same time about X?

Maybe the answer is to start a youtube channel about X.

I personally enjoy watching the ‘Looper’ Channel on Youtube which does entertainment for Marvel Fans & Speculators of Upcoming Marvel movies.

This doesn’t mean I should enter into that niche, necessarily, but it does give me an indicator of what I like to watch and what I would enjoy creating and giving my opinions about in exchange for attention which is equal to income.

There is another way to go about this and it’s the more commonly chosen entrepreneurial path.

That is:

You simply choose a business based on the fact that the business model has a product that sells regularly in the marketplace at a profit and makes it’s customers happy.

No passion, no warm-fuzzy feelings, just picking a business based on likelihood of success and saving as much time as possible to experience that success.

That’s how I got started and how 99% of people get started.

But due to the fact, that, (especially with online businesses), the complexity is high often-times, many people don’t have the natural born enthusiasm or passion about the business to keep them fueled.

And this often leads to burn out.

In here lies the one Skill to Develop for 2019 & Beyond which is 2-fold:  1, either explore, find and discover what brings you joy, something that you could do all day long and couldn’t imagine charging for, that in turn adds value to a group of people’s lives and in turn makes you a healthy income.  or 2, pick a business model that’s proven to work based on marketplace data, and then explore ways to enjoy the process of learning this business inside and out and connecting gusto and excitement to it.

How do we cultivate this skill of it’s not natural and going against the grain?

Simple — you practice.

In the beginning of, well, anything that’s new to you, you’re probably not an expert/rockstar.

Remember the first time you picked up a basketball and aimed for the hoop and missed it entirely?

Or picked up a gaming controller and got smoked by your competitors?

Or studied a language entirely foreign to you?

Yeah, it was probably difficult, strenuous and a smidge uncomfortable.


What happens when you practice and then get good at it?

You begin to enjoy it!

It’s that simple.

So the one skill to master for 2019 would be:  remembering how to properly practice and get GOOD at something that genuinely makes you happy, that serves a large-enough group of people or audience where your educating, entertaining or providing something to them and in exchange, getting paid nicely for your output, in the process.

BOOM, hope you enjoyed this and will see you on the next one.

Justin Spencer