How to rewire your thinking to get more output, greater income, greater net worth, and more fulfillment.

Have you ever learned something valuable during a documentary, a book, a course, a class, a webinar, a friend’s recommendation?


You ended up doing absolutely nothing with this new information?

This is a sure sign of improper thinking for the achiever.

If the person in question wants more money, wants more success, and wants more connection to the things around himself, he needs to ask himself a crucial question:

How do I store this information for later use so that I will reap the full benefits of it when I’m ready to use it?


How do I immediately, tangibly, use the said information I’ve received to do something that can lead to a brand new habit?

These 2 questions should be asked almost every single time you come across a piece of useful insight that gets you closer to where you want to be.

The human mind is far from perfect.

It likes to keep things “low RPM” like an automatic transmission on a car.

This means:  many good habits, that could be formed, don’t get formed, due to the fact of how our brain is wired by default, which is:  it empties out the information into it’s sub-conscious mind just-about every 24 hours.

So, every 24 hours, every thing you learn, becomes less accessible. 

It’s still there, it’s just not as easy to access as it was the moment you learned it.

What happens if you study Facebook ads and then you wait 30 days to implement what you learned?

Good luck.  You might as well go through the same exact actions you did before and to instantly try to forge that new insight into habits.

Almost no one get’s good at anything without consistently practicing at it, day in and day out.

The goal of any program you take, should be to form new habits that lead to your desired end outcome.

If you read a book and didn’t form at least 1 new ‘small’ habit, you may gain zero tangible reward for your effort and time spent.

Failing to set up checkpoints or recurring reminders about important insight you’ve already learned but have not acted on, is a bad habit itself, which can quickly and easily be corrected. 

Let’s look at an example:

If your goal is to have a consulting business where you’re successfully making $10,000 month by charging 10 accountants $1,000 each to do google adwords campaigns to help them grow their business,

Then, the desired end habits should be to master Google adwords, and whatever that means, which should fill & facilitate your focus.

That could mean:  Forming a habit of being organized, forming a habit of tracking things as clearly as possible, forming a habit of removing poor-performing ads or keywords from the mix.

Forming a habit of learning the insights when and where ad/keywords/landing pages performed very well together, to see how you can create more benefit from what you’ve already created. 

Forming a habit of restoring faith, patience and commitment with your accountant clients who’s budget is being spent and patience of which may be waning during the early testing phases that are necessary to discover profitable ad sets.

If new habits (repetitive actions carried out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis) don’t get formed, as a result of taking a course, then you have most likely failed.

But it’s okay.

Everyone is born to be a failure.  No one lives up to their true, full potential. 

This is an ideal that’s impossible for any human to truly do, yet always an inspirational thought and visual string to strive for.

The key is to recognize that you are not forming good habits.

Then, elevate the importance of understanding of how the few “key things” you need to do, day in and day out in order to reach your goals.

That could be, prospecting, advertising, following up with existing customers, asking for referrals, trying different ads, keywords, or targets, audiences and images.

Depending on what you are advertising and where. 

Another could be:  forming a habit of asking for feedback on everything you do with respect to your ideal customer base so that you can improve your ads, products, and experiences that you offer.

The Magic Bullet:  Extracting the insight out of that which you learn, then rewiring of your brain to form good, clean habits that get consistent results that you desire.

One thing that makes making habits easier?  ENJOY it. 

You don’t have to think about doing things you enjoy, you simply do them.

Find creative ways to add more value to your own life when your habit-forming habit is lacking.

Cheers, see you on the next one.