Hey Everyone,

I’d like to share the top 5 mistakes I personally believe have held me, and others I’ve observed, back from their true earnings potential in their businesses [especially for 2019].

#1 – Not understanding what skills offer the ‘buyers market’ the most value.

What I mean by this: Many people do not try to pick what they should be good at, based on what is in demand. 

For example, if you were to master an advertising platform so that you were fully capable of getting results for a specific kind of human (business owner, doctor, or other marketer, etc) then all you have to do is win the trust of people and sell your services to them, which is easy, simple and quick to do.

Example: If you studied and practiced “FB ads” enough where you knew how to get a “restaurant owner” a huge surge of new customers then you’d have no problem making a great income and scaling it.

#2 – Expecting results too fast

I’ve personally had to poke myself at least 100 times when my mine wanders away from the long-term strategy at hand.

Everyone wants to get sales, make money, scale their business and feel successful and happier.

Problem is: This FEELS like it takes such a long time. Most unknowingly expect to see serious results within 7 days of effort.

When you allocate a few months to something and haven’t gotten the results you wanted, the temptation to give up or try something new is unbelievably strong.

But if you think about what you are specifically not doing that could be the cause then the obvious answer is your avoiding it or don’t understand the best way to implement it.

Building a business [for most people] takes months or years of hard work.

Building an internet-business can be a short-cut however it comes with steep learning curves and a huge force of will of patience.

Without patience and the willingness to grow into a person who deserves the kind of income you want, you’ll not stay on the right track long enough to reap the rewards.

#3 – Not advertising / Not prospecting 

If you don’t advertise to attract people, or prospect to find/pursue people who are a good fit for what you have, you won’t get sales and you won’t make money. Simple as that. Which brings me to the next major mistake.

#4 – What do you have to sell that would offer someone a great experience or end result?

If the answer is nothing, don’t just jump onto an affiliate product and buy ads to promote it.

This doesn’t work most of the time. 

Spending some time seriously thinking about this is crucial.

If you could provide a lawyer with more cases using fb ads…

If you could provide a doctor with more patients using google ads…

If you could provide an affiliate with more customers using solo ads…

Etc, ect, if you dont’ know who you help and how you help them WITH consistency, you’ll get no where fast, or not make the strides forward.

#5 – Environment

Do you live or work in a place that is not conducive to what you are trying to do?

If you live with people who play video games and drink beer all day long then you’ll have a hard time trying to focus.

If you have many kids and you work out of your closet, again, that noisy, distractive habitat is not going to help you.

No matter who you are, you need to take steps to put your body into a place where you’ll perform and be able to LEARN, GROW and IMPLEMENT, RE-LEARN and RE-implement.

Hope you enjoyed this content, I enjoyed sharing/writing it.

To your success,

Justin Spencer